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Danielle Dean

Danielle is up and coming singer, song writer and model. Super talented and Miss Universe Bahamas first runner-up 2021. We've had the privilege to produce a number of music videos for her over the years. She's even been our featured artist for 2 years back to back in our annual Christmas video.

Mary Did You Know

Danielle excels in her rendition of this Christmas classic


Danielle's amazing cover of Lauren Diagle's Rescue.

When The Road Seems Rough

A modern spin on a Bahamian classic.

Rise Up

When Andra Day's Rise Up released it spoke to us all, Danielle's

rendition came just as she was competing in the Miss Universe

Bahamas pageant, it was the perfect pairing for her platform, F.A.D.A.L.S (Fight Against Depression and Low Self-esteem).

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