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New Hill Productions is a full-service creative production agency specializing in film, and video advertisements. At New Hill Productions we are driven, focused, professional, educated, and outside-of-the-box thinkers. With these traits in tack, our clients can trust that their vision will be achieved and their brand will be represented with excellence.

Brand Identity

Our Promise

Produce High end, story driven visual masterpieces which are visually compelling and unforgettable.

Team Members

Film Production Bahamas
Film Production Bahamas
Film Production Bahamas

Leonardo Newman

A man full of joy and a love for others. Years as a Producer, Director and Cinematographer has given him the experience to create visual masterpieces. He's creative, witty, driven and he delivers. From feature films to commercials and music videos, you can be sure that when he's involved in your project it will be completed on time, on budget and at the highest of quality.


Myah Newman

Financially savvy and a CPA, Myah has been at the top of the accounting field for years. But when she's not in the books, Myah is pitching creative ideas for the next project and playing in what she calls "paint" (makeup). She is amazing to work with and if she is on the set of your project, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of laughs and a fun atmosphere. 

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Crystal Roberts
Partner / Business Development

With a background in Business, Project Management and Live Event Production, Crystal ensures that your project is managed at the highest level of industry standards. She's here to ensure productions flow smoothly and everyone involved enjoys the process. She is extremely self motivated and her infectious personality propels others to take initiative which results in a world-class end product for our clients.   

Film Production Bahamas
Film Production Bahamas
Film Production Bahamas
Film Production Bahamas


Live His Love Poster (1).png
Live His Love
October 2023

When their mother falls terminally ill, Zane and his 2 siblings are forced to move in with their affluent, "christian", Aunt Gayle and her family. In the midst of a difficult transition they quickly find themselves at odds with their new lifestyle and are desperately seeking a way out, what they didn't know was where they would find it."

Copy of The Hard Choice Poster.png
The Hard Choice
April 2023

When faced with the unfortunate circumstances that led to her pregnancy, a young lady struggles, with the decision of keeping the child or having an abortion.

Waiting Movie Poster (1).png
December 2023

Film Description - A man battles with his sense of reality after an horrific event. As he seeks only to live in a time before his world went to chaos, along comes an old church friend who is seeking to help him move forward.

Where'd The Time Go?
August 2023

Oh how quickly time flies, and how easily we forget. A young lady receives constant reminders, but just as quickly as they appear, she quickly forgets.

Film Production Bahamas
The Call
September 2023

In the midst of a crisis, there are those who are called to the front lines. Unfortunately this line can become really blurry when trying to find who it is really making the sacrifices.

Film Production Bahamas, no body does it better than us.

January 2023

International Christian Film & Music Festival


Official Selection
Nomination: Best Supporting Actors

Salt Hill 


Film Festival 


Official Selection
Judges Choice Winner
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