Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology

The Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology is a premiere tertiary institute 

located in Nassau Bahamas. With a goal to reach new students and apprise the public of the school's offerings, we created 2 separate campaigns for the school. The first campaign focused on students in class experiencing hands on learning and the feature commercial highlighted a recent graduate who expressed the ease and joy of attending BIBT to pursue her degree. Our second campaign, born in the new social distancing era, achieved the goal of highlighting the school's online learning platform. Ensuring new and returning students that they wont miss a step and on the contrary establishes the theme of "learning your way."

Testimonial: BIBT Transformed My Life 

BIBT was the right choice for me, why not make it your choice?

Learn Your Way

Opportunity is knocking at your door, don't lose hope 

just yet.

Learn Your Way: Testimonial

Learn at your pace, from anywhere, across the entire


BIBT: Adventurous Offerings

Learning is an adventure, are you ready?