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Feature Films

At New Hill, narratives are where we live. We have just completed our second feature film, Look Up Child. We are currently in the process of distribution. Be on the look out for when it may be in theaters! For a limited time only you can watch our first feature film Live His Love. We made this film in collaboration with Evangelistic Temple Church, Nassau Bahamas. The Church used this film to reach young people as a replacement to its annual youth conference. The film premiered to a 1400 person sold out audience. Imagine 1400 people laughing out loud at once. The film was raved about and led to many young persons giving their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Look Up Child - Feature Film

After the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, Jasmine struggles to pick up the pieces. A fractured relationship with her mom and a slew of bad decisions have her reliving the tragedy, leaving her mentally broken and unable to move forward.

Live His Love - Feature Film

When their mother falls terminally ill, Zane and his 2 siblings are forced to move in with their affluent, "Christian", Aunt Gayle and her family. In the midst of a difficult transition they quickly find themselves at odds with their new lifestyle and are desperately seeking a way out, what they didn't know was where they would find it."

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