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Bahamas Film Industry - For International Producers

New Hill Productions on set filming Live His Love Feature Film
New Hill Productions on set filming Live His Love Feature Film

The Bahamas film industry is small but vibrant. There are many Bahamians whose full-time job is working within the production space. Many visiting productions coming into the Bahamas often believe that production resources are limited throughout the islands. While our resources may not be as great as that of the large production hubs, there are enough resources available to accomplish all but the largest commercials and feature films.


Many visiting producers believe that they can find, PAs, drivers, and caterers in the Bahamas, but skilled positions such as Directors, cinematographers, gaffers, key grips, line producers are non-existent in the Bahamas. This could not be further from the truth.

In the Bahamas, you can find award-winning film directors, who have produced commercial work for international brands such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Lily Soap, and International recording artists, etc. You can find feature film directors, whose projects have received numerous awards and nominations for work that features subject matters from Human Trafficking, to why God allows suffering. You can find cinematographers, whose work has been featured on Netflix, CBC, BBC, Discovery Channel, Vice Media Group, and international television ads.

and Final Image
New Hill Productions On Set shooting a commercial for Doctors Hospital, BTS
New Hill Productions On Set shooting a commercial for Doctors Hospital, Final Image
New Hill Productions On Set shooting a commercial for Doctors Hospital, Final Image

There are many educated and highly skilled production individuals in the Bahamas. We currently have persons skilled in every facet of Production: Producers, Line Producers, Production Managers, Location Scouts, Transportation experts, Directors, 1st Assistant Directors, Cinematographers, 1st ACs, Gaffers, Key Grips, Electricians, Sound Mixers, Boom Operators, Camera Operators, Steadicam and Gimbal operators, Production Assistants, Hair and Makeup, special FX makeup, choreographers, wardrobe and the list goes on.

Crew Gaps - Bahamas Film Industry

Art Directors and Production Designers are currently the biggest gap that we face in our film industry. Not because these persons do not exist here but because there are not enough local productions with high enough budgets to support these persons who would love to work in these positions full-time.

Our crews are experienced, they have been a part of big-budget blockbusters such as Casino Royal and small-scale TV projects such as Shark Week. We have production managers who have just worked on Tyler Perry Studio's latest Madea film.


PhJazz Chisolm Cover Athlete, MLB The Show; photographed at Fryme Studios Nassau, Bahamas
photographed at Fryme Studios Nassau, Bahamas

For the reveal of the cover athlete for Sony's "MLB The Show" video game, Bahamian baseball player Jazz Chisolm, Sony rented out The Bahamas's largest production studio space. They walked in and could not believe that the studio space was available in The Bahamas. While it is not as large as a sound stage by any means, many international and local productions have found Fryme Studios to be more than enough for their unique production requirements. There are also many smaller photo studio rental spaces. And when none of these spaces are large enough, we have a ton of conference centers and ballrooms ready to be transformed for all your production requirements.

New Hill Productions on set in Fryme Studios
New Hill Productions on set in Fryme Studios, prepping for a commercial shoot

Equipment Rental - Bahamas Film Industry

Red V-Raptor Camera
Red V-Raptor Camera Package Available for Rent from New Hill Productions

While there is no dedicated rental house, just yet equipment rental is available here! An experienced producer can source most of the support equipment that productions typically need from around the island. This leaves only the highest-end equipment needing to be brought in from outside the Bahamas. But exciting things are about to happen! Based on our industry conversations, we understand that a rental house will indeed be opening its doors in 2024 in Nassau Bahamas.

New Hill Cinema Rentals Logo
Coming Soon!

If you have a production coming into the Bahamas, send us an email. We can help you find all the crew and equipment you need while managing your budget efficiently and effectively. New Hill Productions is a creative agency and Film Production company, that produces the highest quality content found in The Bahamas.

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